4 Tips for developing content for your Mobile Advertising

4 Tips for developing content for your Mobile Advertising

Your Mobile Advertising content has to say something; something more than simply “click here” or “visit our website”. Generic or useless content won’t grab attention or generate clicks. Here are 5 tips for developing “not so boring” content.

Get with the trends

People like to follow trends, whether it is celebrity gossip or the top news headlines from around the world. Using these trends in a humorous or clever way in your copy will create a buzz around your brand and make your ads catchy. An excellent example of a brand that combines trends with advertising is Nando’s. Consumers are always wondering what this brand will do next because Nando’s have created that expectation amongst their followers. Strive for this with your Mobile Advertising as well. The moment people start turning to your brand and asking what you will do next, you know that you have struck gold!

Make your headlines catchy

When you scroll through news copy you only want to read the articles that are interesting to you. You pick those articles by clicking on the headlines that grab your attention. Do the same with your ad copy – make your headline killer so it will reel mobile users in.

Research your competitors

Researching your competitors might not be the most exciting thing to do, but it will show you what works and what doesn’t. Have a look at the keywords they are using and the image they are projecting towards consumers. Are they hitting home with their Mobile Advertising? Would you have reacted on their advertisement if you were a potential client?

Always have a call to action

It is one thing to reel consumers in and another to pull them out of the water. Once you have grabbed their attention with a killer headline, you have to deliver with the rest of your ad copy. You can achieve this with a strong call to action. If a mobile user looks at your ad and thinks: “Okay, this looks cool, but now what?” you have already lost them. Always make sure the consumer knows exactly what you want them to do.



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