Why a SMS platform is ideal for market research

Market research is always a time consuming and expensive process. But with the revolution of the mobile phone, getting to know your target market as never been easier. A SMS platform is perfect for this!


The whole of the African continent now has access to mobile phones. Consumers are easy to reach and distance isn’t a problem anymore. You can take your research wherever you want your brand to go.

Also, because they take their phones with them everywhere they go, they can answer your questions any time they want. E.g. during their lunch break at work or in front of the television in the evening.


People simply don’t want to be bothered with lengthy questionnaires and surveys. They lead busy lives and have a short attention span, which means they lose interest quickly. Luckily, a SMS platform forces brands to keep their questions short and to the point. Consumers find this much more appealing and consequently it makes them much more willing to participate.

 Speed and cost

Mobile users can type and send their answers in the blink of an eye. But a brand can also bypass some of the processes that would have slowed them down in the case of traditional market research. No designing, no printing and no manual capturing of data!

This also directly influences the cost of your research. You don’t need to hire people or pay for services if you aren’t using traditional processes. Not to mention, buying SMS in Bulk is cheap. And you don’t need an expert to type a text message – anyone can do it!

Don’t be afraid to embrace Mobile for your marketing research – it has many advantages and can deliver accurate results. A SMS platform can help you to focus on what matters – pure data – and present it in such a way that your customers will be willing to participate.


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