What to do with your Mobile Advertising call to action Part 2

Having a call to action in your Mobile Advertising is a must, but having the right one is even more important. The internet makes it possible to get more creative with your instructions than traditional advertising methods because it allows us to share content more easily. So, what can you direct mobile users to do?

Visit your website

This is probably the most popular call. If you have an online store on your website – even more so! Your website functions as your company’s central point of contact and contains all the info a consumer needs to get in touch with you. So instead of wasting your limited ad copy on all your contact details, simply refer consumers to your website.

Watch your YouTube Video

Having a YouTube video that describes/ demonstrates your products or services is an excellent marketing method. People love visuals! You can even take your television ad and easily upload it to YouTube. Put a link to your video in your Mobile Advertisement for an impressive call to action.

Follow you on Social Media

Social Media is a great platform for customer relations as well as marketing and research initiatives. But, people can be lazy and they don’t necessarily want to search for your channels or retype a URL they found somewhere. Take them directly to your channels by supplying the links to your accounts in your Mobile Advertising copy. Supplying it via SMS also creates an opportunity for an existing customer to forward it to a friend who is not yet a follower.

Install your app

Mobile applications can help to make a website more mobile friendly. As you might have noticed, websites don’t always look as great on a phone or iPad as they do on a desktop computer. If you have such an app, don’t make your customers search for it. Direct them to your application with a clickable ad they can access from their handheld device.

Don’t let the limitations of traditional marketing cloud your vision for your Mobile Advertising. Get creative; be unique and trendy, and consumers will love you for it!



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