What to do with your Mobile Advertising call to action Part 1

All marketers know that an advertisement (no matter if it is printed, on the radio, appears on television or the internet) always has to have a call to action. How does it work if you have chosen Mobile Advertising? Can you do more with your call to action, or are you limited to a few standard choices?

Let’s talk first about what a call to action is. In a nutshell, it is the instruction you give a viewer or listener at the end of your ad. This instruction tells the consumer what you want them to do: call you, go to your website or visit your shop/ offices.

You want the action to compliment your ad and, of course, it has to make sense. For example: if you have an in-store promotion, you would encourage consumers to “get to XYZ grocer right now” instead of having a line such as “have a look at our cool photos on Facebook.” Your company’s Facebook photos might gain you more Social Media followers (not the aim of your ad) but it won’t encourage people to rush to your shop to buy products. That is why it is important that your advertisement’s call to action is a true reflection of what you want to achieve.

The next question is: what can you do when it comes to Mobile Advertising? What can you instruct consumers to do? The good news is: you can do more than you can with traditional advertising!

The sharing of links in particular can make your mobile ads unique. Think about it: brands rarely share links in traditional ad copy – radio and television are to fleeting to write down a URL and who wants to retype a lengthy URL from printed copy onto the web? Users want to simply click on a link and have it take them to wherever it is you want them to go.

Also, the internet allows consumers to do more than just visit your shop. In Part 2, we will look at where you can direct your customers with your Mobile Advertising calls to action!



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