Text ads and mobile ads might be disruptive, but valuable

Text ads and mobile ads might be disruptive, but valuable

Mobile advertisements that are sent to mobile phones might sound like it’s disruptive, but since they require permission from the recipient to be sent, people usually like them. This is also one of the fastest growing advertising mediums where mobile ad spenditure is increasing year on year.

Users allow mobile advertisements that are sent to them because they might need a special offer or receive a coupon before it opens to the public. They are targeted and relevant. Relevance drives smart targeted marketing and these ads are usually relevant. I know I’m getting a few ads myself; a reminder of discount prices at my favourite golf store and special offers at a local restaurant. I’m notified at the right time about these offers.

Mobile advertising is different

Mobile advertising is very different than traditional advertising as it can be switched off to be read later. It doesn’t have the same volume issues as radio and TV ads where you have to switch the device off or view a different channel to ignore the advertisements. Mobile ads especially text ads will remain on the mobile phone until the user views or deletes it. Mobile advertising also occupies less space than on laptops, desktops and tablets, and to get the most out of it, it’s important that they contain only the best optimised messages that are easily read and understood.

Tapping into the mobile web allows you to dynamically connect with your target audience and engage with them anytime, anywhere. Consumers have already adapted to mobile advertising and it’s the new standard method of advertising. It takes the lead in producing more returns than other marketing mediums with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

To be smart with mobile advertising, it’s important that you have understand the value of mobile advertising and how it can increase your revenue stream and improve your brand awareness without being disruptive. Mobile advertising might be disruptive to some, but it’s welcomed by many and it works.



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