Keyword research in Mobile Advertising

Is your brand ready to take the Mobile Advertising plunge? Researching the use of keywords for your content can make the difference between getting noticed or passed over. Why is this so important?

Consumers all lead very busy lives and they don’t just stop and take notice of every single thing that crosses their path, especially on the internet. It takes something special (or a few specific factors working together) to make them click on a link. This is where keywords come in.

A Mobile Advertisement containing the right keywords will:

  • Grab the user’s attention because the content is relevant to his search
  • Appear higher up on the page where the consumer is most likely to click

People are lazy and they don’t want to read lengthy text or scroll through more than one page of search results. They want speedy results at their fingertips. That is why you want your advertisement to rank higher than those of your competitors so the user will click on your link first and forget about the rest.

How do you figure out which keywords will work for your specific product or service?

The first thing you should do is to identify your competitors and then have a look at what they are doing. It is an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with what is out there. Analyze their Mobile Advertising and look at how they structure their content. Why are they able to rank at the top of the page? Why would consumers want to click on their ads? Why did their ad catch your eye in the first place?

Once you have digested all this info, you can sign up for keyword tools like Google Adwords. These tools will help you to figure out what keywords consumers are using to look for your products or services. From there you can optimize your content in such a way that potential customers will be able to find your ad and consequently your website.

You could even approach a high ranking brand and propose an affiliation should you wish – they obviously know what they are doing and this will reflect equally positive on you as well.



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