How to get your Mobile Advertising noticed

Getting consumers to click is your ultimate goal with Mobile Advertising. But as with most things in life, it isn’t so easy – simply pasting a link to your website online won’t do the trick. What can you do to make your brand more attractive than others?

Know your target market

Yes, you know this one all too well. You can’t offer a product or service if you don’t know who will be interested in it. Now you don’t have to know everything to the finest detail of your target market (like the colour of their eyes) but you absolutely have to know the following:

Their age: Each generation has their own perceptions, trends and interests.

Their gender: Men and women don’t always find the same messages appealing

Their location: Demographics are connected to culture and a way of life that differs from country to country – even from province to province.

How they use the internet: Do you know what your target market searches for online and how they go about doing this? This is very important for your Mobile Advertising campaign, because it will mean the difference between getting noticed or ignored. Put time and resources into researching your customers’ mobile behaviour so you can be exactly where they need you.

Stay on top of trends

Trends are a sure way to draw attention to your offers. Just look at the power of internet meme’s – people love sharing it and creating their own spinoffs of it. How many times have you seen Grumpy Cat or the Stay Calm meme revamped and shared over and over again? Probably one time too many!

Use this to your advantage when creating your Mobile Advertisements. Why? Because it:

  • Helps consumers to relate to your brand
  • Peeks their interest
  • Creates a sense of familiarity

You want consumers to say things like: Hey, these guys are funny and witty! I think they will “get me” as a customer. Or: Why didn’t I think of that! This brand is pretty cool!

Know what is going on in the world and use popular headlines or wacky stories to make your Mobile Advertising stand out.




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