Benefits of mobile advertising

Benefits of mobile advertising

Mobile advertising and marketing is not only one of the best ways to promote your brand to your target audience, but it’s also one of the cleverest advertising mediums. While this can be said about most advertising platforms, mobile advertising is unique. Your mobile phone hardly leaves an arm distance from you and they are so much more than just a phone. It’s an always on always connected device. Your mobile is your world and you are using it in more ways than just a phone such as using it to read and respond to emails, play games, listen to music, engaging with your friends on social media or just interacting with some apps.

Mobile advertising is the easiest way of impressing and reaching your target audience. Why? Have a read below.

Always on, always connected

Your mobile device is seldom switched off and always within arms length of you. This means that it’s always on and connected which gives you the opportunity to advertise 24/7. This doesn’t mean you should advertise at 3:00 AM just for the sake of it,however this does give you freedom in creating smart marketing campaigns. Use different times of the day to target multiple markets.

It’s personal communication

You can create mobile advertising campaigns so that they take on the form of direct communication to the recipient or viewer. This can drive engagement and it makes it more personal. Driving engagement is king with marketing and this medium gives you the ability to personalise your marketing messages.

Study your target audience

As said earlier, your mobile phone hardly leaves your side and so it can be used to study your target audience and the usage of your marketing campaigns. Most smartphones have GPS functionality and this can be used to track and analyse the user. You can use this to your advantage by learning more about your target audience or signalling them directly with special offers and coupons.

Mobile advertising is growing

It’s a fact that mobile advertising keeps on growing and evolving. As more people are getting connected everyday and more people are  accessing the internet from their mobile than on a desktop, expect this market to keep on booming for a long time.

Mobile advertising is a smart marketing method when applied correctly. If you are interested in starting with a mobile advertising campaign, contact us and we will help you with your campaign.



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