What are the advantages of mobile advertising?

What are the advantages of mobile advertising?

Mobile advertising is the method of marketing/advertising through mobile devices such as smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. While this marketing medium hasn’t taken off yet with the same growth that digital marketing did, it’s going to happen soon as mobile usage is busy taking over across the world. More people are using their mobile devices to access the web than through desktops.

The unique selling point of marketing on this platform is it’s reach and versatility. Lower priced tablets and smart phones are busy entering the market which enables anyone to utilise one. This also means that these cost effective devices that are entering the marketing are eating into the overall market share of traditional desktop pc. Why am I telling you this? It’s because this change is busy accelerating the overall growth in mobile advertising and should not be an after thought with your marketing campaigns, but should form part of it.

Here’s a couple of advantages to mobile advertising

Mobile advertising advantages

Improved reach: It’s a fact that the mobile web is getting bigger every day. Starting with a mobile advertising now will give you a leading head start over your competitors. People are using Google, Facebook and many other mediums more on their mobile devices than on desktop computers.

ROI: Mobile advertising is cost effective and it can reach a large audience with very limited marketing spend. For less money you can reach more people at the faction of the cost compared to traditional advertising mediums.

It’s targeted: With mobile advertising it’s possible to target selected audiences by narrowing down the geography and demographic that you want to reach.

Measurement: With mobile advertising you can measure every part of your campaign including unique impressions, ad impressions, unique visitors, page views, and a lot more. This is very important as it will guide you on where you should change your campaign and where the most attention is needed.



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