4 Ways travel agencies kan make a killing with SMS Marketing

Travel agencies work in a fast paced environment where the devil is in the details. Things can easily go wrong or change in the blink of an eye. Here is how you can use SMS Marketing to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Last-minute deals

Did someone suddenly cancel and now you have an open booking? Instead of crying over money lost, use text messaging to alert your clientele about last-minute deals. Because SMS is instant, you can send the info and receive a response in no time. You will require a customer opt-in list for this of course, but who would not want to be on such a list if it means they have the chance to get an amazing deal.

Hot offers

Your customers might not be following you on Facebook, or maybe it has been a while since they last spent time on your website. Maybe they haven’t checked their emails in the last 24 hours. But you know that they carry their phone on their person 24/7.

Spare them then the hassle of looking you up or browsing through endless travel websites and brochures. With SMS Marketing, you can put hot deals in the palm of their hand.

Give helpful hints and tips

Once you know where your customer is going, you can send them some helpful info. After all, making a booking is only one part of a traveller’s journey. Put them in touch with car rental services, alert them to any rules or regulations they should be aware of, remind them to take along important essentials like a passport and money etc.

 Follow up

Use SMS Marketing to follow up on a customer’s experience with your company. (Conduct a poll or survey or host a competition). Not only does it provide you an opportunity to better your services or get great reviews, but it also serves as a reminder to the customer that you are there for their next big adventure.

Going the extra mile shows customers that you care. And in the competitive business that you are in, you can never put a price tag on customer loyalty.



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