Why you should offer Mobile Billing this Festive Season

Are you ready for the crazy Festive Season shopping to begin? Before you say yes, have a look at the payment options you are offering your customers. Is Mobile Billing one of them? If not, you will miss out on a potential gold mine.

As you know, there are different kinds of Mobile Billing. For example: direct operator billing, premium SMS, event billing, OBS billing etc. It doesn’t matter which one you prefer, they all have one big thing in common: they make it as easy as pie for customers to pay for your products and services. And the easier it is to pay you, the more consumers will buy and the more times they will return.

Sounds good? You bet.


Imagine a customer is standing in the line with a trolley full of goods. She unloads everything at the till point and suddenly she realizes (as it happens to everyone at one time or another) that she left her wallet at home. With all her credit cards and cash. Oh no! She will only have one choice – leave the shop and rush home to get her wallet. But, she feels so embarrassed about her mistake that she decides not to return to the shop, and you just lost a purchase of two thousand rand.

If you offered Mobile Billing as a payment option, you could have avoided losing the customer. Because if she had to then, was take out her phone and pay you then and there.

From home

A lot of people hate to go shopping. Especially buying those last minute gifts – the malls are always crowded, people are bumping into each other and it is unbelievably frustrating.

Just imagine how much your customers will love it if they can buy your products by using their mobile. They can shop from home, work or anywhere they are. Picture your customer taking his significant other on a date when she lets slip what she wants for Christmas. With just a few clicks, your customer can select and pay for the gift on the spot!

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