Should you bother with SMS Marketing over the Holidays?

Most definitely yes! The Holidays are the ideal time to indulge in SMS Marketing to create loyalty and win new customers over. But is it really worth the effort?

If you aren’t a direct supplier of Holiday related goodies, you might think to yourself why bother with mobile marketing. Lots of people are going on vacation this time of year and they won’t give your brand a second thought. But don’t despair. With all that free time on their hands, guess what consumers will be doing? Yep, browsing on their phones.

So even if you don’t sell swimsuits or picnic baskets, you can still be relevant to your customers. You just need to put some creativity behind it.

Also. If you are worried that your regular customers are enjoying a vacation far, far away, you can always shift your focus to visitors in your area. These visitors have various needs that you can cater for, including information about things to do and places to see nearby. You might just get new fans that, even when they go back home, will make an effort to get hold of your products.

Depending on your industry, make use of any of these SMS Marketing ideas:

Medical: Give people tips on how to care for their bodies during their holidays. Because people usually indulge in food or visit unfamiliar places, they might experience small medical emergencies like bee stings, food poisoning, stepping in broken glass etc. Give them advice on how to handle it.

Automotive: The Holidays are time for traveling – whether you use your own vehicle or public transportation. You can run a SMS Marketing campaign giving safety tips on how to make sure your vehicle is travel ready before you depart.

General: People are always looking for things like fun recipes, ideas for decorations, activities to keep the kids busy, shopping advice etc. If you can’t connect it directly to your own products and services, don’t worry about it! Start a series of blog posts aimed at making the Holidays fun and share the links via text messages. You can use it as a basis for competitions and to drive engagement.



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