Part 1: What mobile advertising options exist?

Part 1: What mobile advertising options exist?

Did you know that old school traditional marketing and advertising is focused on reaching an audience usually through one medium such as radio, print, or TV. To give you an example, the billboards next to the road, magazines, newspapers, direct mail and the yellow pages use only one medium.

With mobile advertising in Africa, you can reach your targeted audience through multiple mediums which can increase your reach and footprint in the digital space considerably. What mobile advertising options are available?

Some mobile advertising mediums

Mobile web: The mobile web allows people to access information on the go and view content directly from their mobile device such as featurephones, smartphones and tablets. A mobile optimised website allows businesses to run specific campaigns such as content marketing or banner campaigns.

SMS/Text messages: This mediums allows you to send sms messages to your target audience. Even though you are restricted by only using a number of characters in the sms, it’s actually a very interactive medium where you can be sure that your audience will receive your message. You can send coupons, promotions or any other interactive message through this medium.

MMS: With Multimedia Messaging you can send rich text and images on mobile phones. These items can include coupons that can be scanned, animated gifs, short video and audio or other rich text formats to grab the attention of your recipients.

Even though these are just a couple of mobile advertising mediums, there are many more which we will explain in great detail within the next few weeks on our blog.

There are many other mobile advertising options available but SMS still continues to be the most effective because when someone receives a text message, they are naturally inclined to look at the text message. This is so much better than traditional email advertising campaigns. This is a great way of communicating with your target audience, but receiving the message is only one part of it. To be effective with SMS marketing you have to ensure that your message gets read and that the user will take an action after reading it.



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