Why Mobile Advertising is a must in 2015

Why Mobile Advertising is a must in 2015

Did you know that by 2015 one in two mobile phones will be a smartphone? Feature phones are still prominent in Africa, but with all the low cost smartphones entering the market such as the MTN Steppa, the adoption rate for smartphone usage is rapidly increasing. With this, just imagine what impact this will have on mobile web consumption, search, and marketing in the future.

Mobile phone carriers all around the world are busy encouraging users to upgrade to a smartphone for a number of reasons than just pure revenue. Data mining, mobile advertising, and market segmentation to name but a few provides huge value to mobile service carriers to understand their clients better and to provide them with services to fit their needs.

Mobile advertising and your brand

What does this mean for your business? You should be ready and prepared for the explosion in mobile advertising which can open up your business to a highly engaged mobile market.

It’s a fact that more people are accessing the web from their mobile devices than traditional desktop browsers. Why? Because it’s more cost effective and many households – especially in Africa doesn’t have access to the internet other than their mobile device. It’s an always on connected device so it will be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity while it’s still young and brands are still focused on traditional advertising methods.

Online you will already find many big brands taking advantage of various mobile advertising campaigns like KFC, MTN, Vodacom, InTarget and other big players. These brands have mobile optimised responsive websites and applications. They are also busy with various Text messaging and mobile advertising campaigns to beat their competition to the race.

Your advertising target audience is mobile so there’s no better time in starting your mobile advertising campaign than now. More businesses are getting ready to communicate their brand offering and message by convincing their audience to visit their mobile profile or even to buy services and products via their mobile device. In short they are preparing and getting ready for the mobile storm before it hits the fan.

With the current change happening right now with mobile advertising, the internet will still be the same, except that it’s getting more geared for mobile consumption. The time is now to not miss out on the huge opportunity that mobile advertising provide. Start developing your strategy to take advantage of this before it’s too late. The only constant with digital marketing is change. Don’t be left behind.



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