How is mobile advertising different from email and Twitter?

How is mobile advertising different from email and Twitter?

Did you know that Twitter and email are highly interactive mediums, but so is mobile advertising. With mobile advertising, you can send coupons, targeted text messages, event alerts, special offers and other marketing content to targeted people. Even though it shares similarities than Twitter and email marketing, it’s quite different in execution, deliver, and service.

Take note that in this example we are only using one mobile advertising channel which is text/sms advertising.  The most notable difference between mobile advertising (text/sms messages) and email and Twitter is all of these mediums uses different content lengths that can be sent. Email content can basically be any length, but if you are targeting mobile users, shorter means better. With Twitter you are restricted to 140 characters so if you want to add a shortened URL in your message, you are restricted to 119 characters – 20 characters for the URL and 1 for a space. Text messages have a 160 character limit, but you can send text/sms messages that are spread across more than 1 message.

The second biggest difference is that Twitter and email are sent through an internet service provider whilst an sms is then through a carrier or a wireless service provider. Another difference is that an email message is sent directly to another email address and an sms is sent to a cellphone number. Twitter has always taken the mobile first approach and can be configured so that the messages are delivered via sms, but by default it’s via email.

Email has been the longest running medium out of these three and they do differ considerably. Email is a service that can be integrated into any business that has a domain or can use any free or paid for services. Twitter is a service provided by one company – Twitter, but there are many third party applications that can be utilised to make the user experience better communicating with your target audience.

Advantage of mobile advertising

Even though there are differences in these three mediums, one major advantage of mobile advertising is that the content you sent to your target audience can be sent via many platforms. This basically means that subscribers using the mobile web can access your marketing message through many of the available mobile channels like video and audio streaming, in app advertising, multimedia messaging (MMS), text messages, and interactive voice messages. This advantage is huge because all of the different formats available for mobile advertising allows you to package your marketing content on how your target audience prefers to consume and engage with the content.



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