It is the Season for Mobile Advertising!

As a business owner, you experience this every year around the Holiday Season: brands go mad and flood every channel they can get their hands on with advertisements. Standing out from the crowd goes from hard to nearly impossible! How can grab consumers’ attention with your Mobile Advertising?

Get Social

Social platforms like Facebook and Pintrest really comes alive during the festive Season. Now more than ever, people share ideas for gifts, decorations, recipes etc. with each other. They pin, post, tag, mention and put a hashtag on anything that moves. They become brand ambassadors and advertisers themselves.

Now is your opportunity to make sure that your brand is the one going viral. Use your Mobile Advertisements to encourage social sharing. Create a unique hashtag for your twitter account, make your Pintrest burst with pics of your products and offer exclusive deals on your Facebook.

Try search retargeting

Uhm, what? Search retargeting is when a brand makes use of data to better predict the behaviour of their customers. If you know what your customers want, you can create more compelling Mobile Advertisements that will lead to purchases. What you need to do is research a specific stage of the buying process – aka the decision making stage. Learn how your customers decide between making a purchase and not making one.
You might be surprised to find that something as small as a personalized SMS could be a dealmaker!

Revamp the classics

Marketing material containing things like family values, togetherness and generosity have always been a hit. But, these advertisements are often a twist of the truth and can cause consumers to feel that you are trying to fool them. If you really want to stand out, dare to be different! Put a spin on the classics – who says Santa has to be a human and Rudolph a deer?

Lastly, don’t forget about mobile apps and games. With the user rates increasing, it is an ideal location for your Mobile Advertisements. If you can make your own app in time for the Holidays, even better!



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