How to build an effective “slow burn” SMS Marketing campaign

A real SMS Marketing campaign takes time. Send too many messages – people get annoyed. Send too few – your campaign has no effect. What you need is to build a “slow burning” campaign that is sustainable over a period of time. How do you do that?

Automate your messages

Have an automated release of messages for every action (clicks, sign ups) the customer takes. For instance: If he signs up for your newsletter, send him a thank you SMS. The idea is to make a series of messages that are applicable to the customer’s situation and will encourage continued engagement.

Just remember not to overdo it – you don’t want your SMS Marketing messages to become spam. Pick your cues carefully.

Know what you want from your customers

What do you want your customers to do when they receive your message? Make sure that the action they have to take is logical and clear. For example: If you want them to visit your website, provide a link. When they arrive there, give them further instructions on what to do. If you confuse customer s or they don’t understand what to do immediately, they will simply drop off.

Give them value

What is in it for the customer? Every single SMS Marketing message should contain something of value. E.g. exclusive offers, links to relevant articles, exciting announcements etc.

Don’t sound like a robot

Even though you automate the sending of your messages or pre-write your content, just make sure it doesn’t sound automated. A customer wants to know that she is valued and appreciated and not “just another customer.” Be warm and personal.

This would be a good example: “Hi Kelly, we are so glad you signed up. We hope you have a blast reading and commenting on our blog articles.”

SMS Marketing from Integrat is a wonderful tool to build and maintain relationships with your customers. Go for gold, but remember to enjoy responsibly!



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