How hotels and lodges can utilize Wholesale SMS during the holidays

Is it your business to offer accommodation to holiday goers and tourists? Lodges, hotels and resorts can make use of Wholesale SMS to make their clientele’s stay a wonderful one.

Start by listing all the things that people need or would like to know when going on vacation. You probably already have some info on your website about interesting places nearby to visit. But you can give them even more valuable information.

Making the booking

  • Text the caller a list of available rooms
  • Send them a confirmation of payment received
  • Send a list of items they have to bring along that you don’t supply (if any)
  • How they can get hold of transportation if they don’t have their own (details of car hire services or cab companies)
  • If you are in a malaria hotspot, send them a reminder to take preventative medication beforehand

On the road:

Anything can happen while you are traveling by car. You can get a flat tire or get into an accident. On the other hand, your vehicle also needs petrol and the driver needs to stretch his/ her legs regularly. This gives you the opportunity to use Wholesale SMS to text the following info to travellers:

  • Directions to your lodge
  • Petrol stations, tourist attractions and rest stops they can encounter along the way
  • The contact details of emergency services in the vicinity

While they are there

  • A daily weather update in the early morning can help them to plan their activities for the day
  • Ask local shops and restaurants in your vicinity to let you know of any specials they are running and forward it to your clientele.

When going on holiday, most people leave their personal computers behind because they want to relax. Subsequently, they rely heavily on their phones to keep them in contact with the rest of the world. And this also makes you an important point of contact and source of info for them. Wholesale SMS will help you to offer an awesome service at a very low price!



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