Differences between desktop and Mobile Advertising

Should you go with desktop or Mobile Advertising? There isn’t a cookie-cutter answer that would be fitting for every single brand out there. We can, however, list a few key differences between the two that could help you to make up your mind.


Because a mobile screen is much smaller your advertisement (and therefor your copy and images) have to smaller as well. This could result in less “oomph” being present, because you have to settle for less as well. It is much easier to write content for a desktop advertisement – you can list the benefits of your product, produce a call to action and have more “in your face” graphics.

Mobile advertisers have to work smarter with their content so they can send the same message in fewer words. It is not impossible, it just takes a little more creativity.

Accidental clicking

Because a mobile user has to constantly zoom in and out of the mobile screen, this sometimes leads to accidental clicks. If you are paying for every user’s click, it could become a bit annoying, and it could mess up your statistics. But, at the same time, mobile ads generate more clicks than desktop ads – and all clicks can’t be accidental.

To counter this problem, marketers need to look at the design and placement of a Mobile Advertisement. It has to make sense and placed in a location that attracts attention.


Desktop advertisements are considered more user-friendly. Not only does the user have a large screen that enables him to view everything clearly, but he also has a mouse to help him navigate the page.

A mobile marketer has to make an effort to make both the advertisement as well as the mobile site user-friendly. If the ad is the first point of contact a user has with your site, you have to let her know that there is a cool mobile site waiting for her backstage. You can do this by having a clean URL and saying exactly what your site is about in your copy.

Remember, Mobile Advertising is still growing, but there is always a way around any problem you experience!



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