5 basic tips for your Mobile Advertising campaign

Are you new to Mobile Advertising? We have five practical tips to keep in mind when you are constructing your first campaign. It is easy to overlook the simple things, but you will be surprised how big of an impact the basics can have

Not all consumers have the same phones

One of the unfortunate symptoms of mobile progression is that there are loads of different phones on the market. Apart from smartphones versus non-smartphones, the screens of mobile devices also differ. This impacts the graphics and display of your advertisement. A format that looks super on one phone might only look okay on another. The solution? Test your ads on different phones before you decide on a format.

Does the user need to submit data?

Do you want the user to exchange data with you? For example: the filling out and submission of an application form? Does their phone need certain capabilities to do it and to you have a means of receiving it on your end? Keep that in mind when constructing your Mobile Advertising campaign.

The user has internet related limitations

The way that a mobile user connects to the internet will have an influence on his/ her mobile experience and a direct impact on how far you can take your advertising. If a customer’s internet connection is slow, it will take longer for high quality images to download. Also, mobile users usually have some kind of limit on the amount of cap they use for browsing. Thus, if you are wasting their cap, they will simply move on.

The user isn’t connected to a printer

If you are rewarding your customers with coupons or vouchers, just remember that they aren’t connected to a printer. In other words, don’t send them printable coupons, but rather mobile vouchers that they can redeem on their mobile phone.

The user doesn’t have a mouse

As obvious as it sounds, marketers sometimes forget that mobile users aren’t equipped with a clickable mouse. When designing your Mobile Advertisement, keep in mind that it is a bit harder to navigate on a mobile screen than a desktop computer.



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