4 Brilliant tricks to drive sales with a Bulk SMS campaign

A single SMS can’t say it all, but a Bulk SMS campaign can cover all your bases. One text message might not make a lasting impression, but with Wholesale SMS you can make a greater impact. How can you make use of multiple texts to create something awesome?

Make it fun

If you have video at your disposal, it is easy to give your product an edge. If your customers don’t own smartphones, images combined with text can be equally impactful. And if text is all you got? Then you will just have to be creative. Look to your brand’s logo, motto and values for inspiration. Be clever and quirky; make cool rhymes or striking similarities. You can even poke fun at your competitors (just don’t get into legal trouble) or tie it in with the latest happenings around the world (for example celebrity gossip, the antics of politicians or a change in the weather).

Make it shocking

Use Bulk SMS to give your customers something to think about. Make a statement like: “did you know, for the past five years nobody has made a change to (this product). You have been deprived of all the benefits of (this product) all this time. But not anymore. We have revamped it and made it so cool, even (a celebrity’s name) will love it.”

Be bold!

You want your customers to say: “Well thank goodness for (your brand)!”

Talk about all the benefits

Your product has a list of benefits, right? It isn’t wise to try and cram all those benefits into one SMS – it is just too much for the reader to process. This is where a series of texts (in the form of Bulk SMS) can come in handy. You can pick the top five benefits of your product and talk about one benefit per SMS.

Make an irresistible offer

Time to put the cherry on top of all your hard work. Combine your brand’s quirky attitude with all the benefits of your products and make your customers an offer that is such a no-brainer, it is impossible to refuse!



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