Why brands can hit home with Mobile Advertising (Part 2)

In our previous post, we talked about how mobile has evolved in such a way that it is now an integrated part of every person’s life. This opens the door for brands to reach even further and deeper with their Mobile Advertising.

We use our phones as a:

  • Media hub: streaming, watching and recording news and entertainment.
  • Life coach:  keeping track of our health and finances
  • Shopping companion: searching for products and services as well as paying for it
  • Personal assistant: enabling us to blend our professional and private lives into one

Now, how does this impact a brand who wants to run a Mobile advertising campaign?

People don’t discover or use content in the same way anymore. They share and consume music, news and topics at a rapid pace. A brand has to be with its consumers in the “now”, or it will become old news. People also love to view videos – include this in your ad you will see people spending more time on your website than before.

Consumers want apps that empower them and make them more successful. They want to hear about shortcuts, tips and tricks to manage their lives more effectively. Thus, brands need to add value to their offerings. How you structure your content is now more important than ever – the days of only pasting the face of a pretty girl wearing your new lipstick is over. Your audience wants to know how it will benefit them to buy your cosmetics.

Phones now play a role in every step of the shopping process. This provides more platforms for brands to showcase their Mobile Advertisements. From a mobile-optimised website to a billing app, you now have more potential to reach your customers.

People are curios beings – fuel their curiosity by allowing them to explore your products in more depth. For example: instead of a static image of a car, allow them to flip the image to see the back, sides, under the hood etc. The time for Mobile Advertisements are now, but you have to really work at it to make it stand out!



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