Use wholesale SMS for internal communication

When people think of Wholesale SMS, they immediately assume it is for external purposes e.g. marketing and client communication. But did you know, it can be an effective internal communications tool as well?

Employees are often swamped by email messages. Add to that the fact that they aren’t always at their desktop computer to check their messages because they are in meetings or offsite. This can result in info getting lost or delayed that could in turn affect productivity or the accurateness of your employees’ work.

Using texting as a method of internal communication can help to deliver messages timely so your workers don’t miss out on important info – no matter where they are.

With Wholesale SMS you can:

  • Send meeting requests and reminders
  • Seasonal greetings, birthday wishes and “get well soon” messages
  • Schedule shifts and notify employees about shift changes
  • Keep in touch with freelancers and remind them of deadlines
  • Get information about clients to employees who are offsite. Consultants who are seeing clients at the latters’ office/ coffee shop might require relevant info from their office to proceed. Quickly reading a text can be considered less rude than taking a phone call during the conversation.
  • Notify workers of emergency situations like a fire in the building.
  • Give employees peace of mind that their vehicles are safe.  Let them know when they leave their vehicles’ lights on; if there is a threat of a hailstorm, or if someone damaged/ broke into their vehicle.

Because SMS is virtually instant it is a great way to communicate with your employees on-the-go. With more and more people working from home or offering their services part time, communicating via text simply makes sense.

If you have stakeholders, mobile communication is just as fast and effective. Update them about what is happening with their money and how the company is doing. You can even send them links to articles about your industry that might interest them.

Wholesale SMS is cheap, trendy and can be used for more than one purpose. Start communicating with your employees today! Give Integrat a call and we will help to set you up for success.



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