Take advantage of what a Mobile Wasp has to offer

The relationship you have with your customers is what keeps your business going. Putting extra care into how you communicate with them should be one of your top priorities. That is why taking advantage of the products and services a Mobile Wasp like Integrat has to offer, can make your customer relations bloom.

How can you do this?

Keep your brand alive: Out of sight, out of mind. This doesn’t only ring true for love affairs, but for a brand as well. Sometimes you simply need to remind your customers that you are still in business. You don’t always have to do hard selling in your text messages. Send a friendly mobile message now and them to remind them of your business hours, how to get in contact with you, what is happening at your shop etc.

Create your own grapevine: The wonderful thing about mobile communication is that most of the formats can be shared. Your customers can forward your messages to their friends and family, thus spreading the word without you having to do anything more or pay anything extra.

Separate yourself from the pack: Use a Mobile Wasp’s services to show that you are different from your competitors by offering your customers more. More choices, more ways to get in touch with you and essentially more bang for their buck.

For example:

  • Give them super easy payment options like Premium SMS or Direct Operator Billing.
  • Let them use SMS shortcodes to enter competitions or get answers to their questions almost instantly.
  • Send them one-time passwords or login details via USSD messages that they can’t save on their phone, thus enhancing their own security.
  • Send customers mobile vouchers or coupons to reward them for their loyalty.

Create direct marketing that is out of this world: Finally, create powerful marketing material that consumers will find hard to ignore. Think mobile display ads, banner ads, rich media ads, voice solutions, animated ads etc. Drive traffic to your website or feet into your shop with creative, punchy mobile marketing.

Go on; take advantage of the services and products of a Mobile Wasp like Integrat!



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