Mobile games gaining momentum as a form of Mobile Advertising

Mobile games are not simply just for entertainment purposes, it is also an opportunity for brands to engage with their customers. Whether you put an ad in another company’s game or create your very own, it is now a powerful form of Mobile Advertising.

What is the connection here?

Say for instance you are a clothing retailer. You can develop a game where users need to match the appropriate pieces of clothing together (e.g. a floral top with the same floral skirt) and then score points based on their choices. When they achieve a certain score level, they can receive a discount voucher to use at your store.

Just imagine: consumers are engaging with your brand in a way that is beneficial to you both. By using the clothes that are in season at your shop at that moment, you are engaging in Mobile Advertising without being “in your face.”

You will be able to gain valuable insight into consumer behaviour and really get to know your customers. Which of your clothing pieces do they like more? How do they go about choosing their outfits? How much time and effort are they willing to put into their appearance?

Consumers, on the other hand, can explore your products in a fun and engaging way. They will be able to see what you have to offer and how certain pieces will look together. All that is left for them to do is to visit your shop (or your online store) and purchase the clothing they are already in love with. And the cherry on top? Because the game is on their phone, it means that they can play it wherever and whenever they want.

Mobile games as a form of Mobile Advertising have the potential to provide your brand with data faster than other research methods. And with phone capabilities ever evolving, the quality of games will improve as well. Some of the major brands like Coca Cola have already realized the amazing opportunity provided by mobile games.

Why doesn’t your brand join the Mobile Advertising revolution as well?



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