Is your Mobile Aggregation changing with consumer behaviour?

It is a fact: there is a shift in the way that consumers are using their mobile phones. As a business, you should change your Mobile Aggregation practises along with this if you want to stay on top of your game.

The wireless handset has taken over the younger generation’s lives completely. Mobile phones are capable of integrating their entertainment, social interaction and even the way they look for work all in to one.

No wonder that they are spending more time on their phones than on laptops or desktop computers.

Where things really get tricky though is in the phone department.  Their phones have different capabilities, which entail different Mobile Aggregation abilities. It is safe to assume that the younger generation is leaning more heavily towards smartphones, although statistics show that South Africa has yet to catch up on the smartphone craze due to our economic climate.

The fact of the matter however: as the phones become capable of doing more, your customers start to expect more from your brand. Some companies haven’t even realised the potential of mobile marketing yet and are still stuck in the old ways of communication. Others have embraced the digital world, but they aren’t alert to how quickly the environment changes – and they start to trail behind as well.

Do you realise that while a consumer is watching television or reading a newspaper they always have one eye on their phone? In fact, it might even be the other way around. Consumers are so caught up with their mobile phones that other mediums become secondary. The good news for marketers is this makes users more accepting of mobile ads and mobile brand interaction.

Take a look at your company’s choice of marketing tools. If Mobile Aggregation isn’t in the mix, you are definitely losing out. Does this entail switching all your marketing to mobile alone? Nope. The digital marketing space is very versatile and can be a bit confusing at times. Thus, don’t throw your whole budget into mobile ads alone, but make sure you get a firm foot in the door so you can run with it at any time!



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