How a SMS Platform can save you delivery costs

If own a delivery company, or your business provides this as an added service, your main concern is getting the package to a customer in a timely fashion. Did you know that a SMS Platform won’t only help the process to go down smoothly, but it will even save you money at the same time?

You probably know this scenario all too well: you arrive at the location indicated by the customer, only to find that the person isn’t there or you received an address that is totally wrong. A back-and-fort battle ensues between you and the customer. You try to deliver the package a few more times but something goes wrong every time. Frustration starts to build as you watch your petrol costs grow and count the hours wasted.

If only you had a SMS platform!

People usually have their mobile phones on their person. If they leave their location, their phone goes with them. SMS connects you with them instantly and it is much cheaper than calling.  Also, should the receiver miss your text at that very moment, they can always read it a few seconds later – unlike a missed call.

Use texting to:

  • Let the customer know that their parcel is ready for delivery
  • Confirm the delivery address and time
  • Tell the customer that you are on your way to the location
  • Inform them should anything go wrong – e.g. you are stuck in traffic
  • Report back afterwards to confirm delivery or non-delivery
  • Ask if the customer was satisfied with your service

Can you imagine how impressed consumers will be with such attention to detail? It will give both you and your customers more control and eliminate unnecessary costs and frustrations. Plus, it will be the start of a great relationship with your customers – they will no doubt make use of your services again and recommend you to their friends.

What are you waiting for? Get a reliable SMS Platform to grow your business. Contact Integrat right now and we will put your wheels in motion.



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