Do your Mobile Ads suck? Fix them!

Are you getting the idea that your Mobile Advertising sucks because consumers don’t respond to it? Relax, you can fix it. Let’s take a look at what you might be doing wrong and how to solve it.

It doesn’t fit, therefore it doesn’t sit

You are familiar with the memes about animals (mostly cats) who think they can sit in/ on anything as long as they can get some part of their body to fit? Well, it doesn’t work that way with mobile ads. If you put the ad in the wrong place, nobody will care. For example: advertising a printer on a website about saving trees is a very bad idea. If it doesn’t fit …

Your ad doesn’t tell people what to do

A Mobile Advertisement is about more than just cute graphics or surprising sounds. It is a message telling consumers directly what you want them to do after reading your ad. If you don’t have a call to action, what action do you expect them to take? Should they click on your ad – where will this take them? Do you want them to drop you a mail or fill out a form? Tell them – or they will simply ignore it.

Poor graphics and grammar

There are no excuses for this one. Your images have to be of good quality (no pixilation) and you should have your spelling and grammar checked. Poor text and images reflect equally poorly on your company. How can you expect consumers to trust in your products or services if your ad looks like a hot mess? Also, be wary of excessive and disruptive animation – it can look tacky and make people nauseous. Hire professionals to design your ad before you attempt to do it yourself.

Misleading ads

Don’t mislead people with the content of your Mobile Advertising because you simply want clicks. No matter how boring you think your product might be, it is up to you to make it look attractive. If you try to fool consumers, you will only make them angry and this could land you in hot water with advertising regulatory bodies.



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