INTEGRAT is a leading Mobile WASP Aggregator in Africa that provides Mobile Integration and has been specialising in the Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) industry since 2001.


Integrat makes sending and receiving of Bulk SMS  messages  straight forward.  Whatever sector you are in,  wherever  you  are  in the world, we can help you put messaging at the heart of your business.

Benefits of using Bulk SMS through Integrat :

  • Gives you the ability to target a much larger audience
  • It’s Cost Effective way of communicating to your customer
  • Should the receiver miss your text at that very moment, they can always read it a few seconds later – unlike a missed call.  It connects you with them instantly and is much cheaper than calling them.
  • Reach your targeted audience
  • Make use of Integrat’s ready made platform that won’t only help the process to go down smoothly, but it will even save you money at the same time.

Where to start with Bulk SMS Marketing ?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you first start thinking about incorporating Bulk SMS as part of your marketing strategy.  After all, there are so many things you can do with it and hundreds of things you want to say.  Where do you even start ?

 Get Customers to sign up

You can’t send text messages if you don’t have phone numbers.  As simple as it sounds, getting those numbers will probably be the hardest part.  You will need to think smart and be creative.  One of the best ways to grow your opt-in list is to spread the word about it.  Ultilize all your other channels – social media, emails, advertisments, business cards, the inside of your shop to create awareness that the option of receiving mobile messages from your business is now possible.

 Promotions, savings and coupons

People love bargains and freebies and wil gladly sign-up for a SMS program where they can receive alerts about special offers or stand a chance to get mobile coupons.  Just don’t try and fake it in order to appear generous and reel customers in.  If you send out a text offering a ten cent discount on your product every week, you will annoy your customers and receiv a bunch of opt-outs



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