Bulk SMS marketing ideas for nightclubs

Nightclubs have a lot of things going for them when it comes to Bulk SMS Marketing: party goers always have their phones on them and they usually travel in groups. How can you use texting to get customers through the doors?

Apart from having a drink in their hand, club customers always have something else in the other – their mobile phone. This puts a marketer in the ideal situation for doing on-the-spot marketing.

Naturally, a club is at its busiest over weekends, so you can use the weekdays to build up hype. Or, you can even try to lure your customers during the week.

No matter what your objectives are, you can make use of any of the following Bulk SMS strategies.

  • Free entry or half price entry if they show the doorman a promotional text message.
  • Mobile coupons/ vouchers to get discounts on drinks or free shooters
  • Text reminders about special events or upcoming shows at the club. New Year’s is probably of the biggest party events, so make sure you text customers about it well beforehand so you can outsmart your competitors.
  • Text-to-win contests. Customers can send an SMS answering a question about the club or an event. You will then announce the winners during the party – thus, entrants can only claim their prize if they are present at that time. This is a smart way to grow your customer contact list as well.
  • Refer a friend. Send customers a unique code along with a promotional messages and ask them to forward it to their friends. Reward the customer who spreads your message around the most.
  • SMS song requests. Let customers text suggestions of songs they want to hear (use a SMS shortcode to make it easier) while they are in the club

Communicating with your customers through Bulk SMS can help to build relationships. Club goers are quick to go club-hopping if they get bored or don’t feel any loyalty towards your establishment. Regular mobile communication can help to foster positive feelings for your club.

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