4 Elements no Mobile Advertising campaign can do without

It doesn’t matter if you are selling shoes or offering legal services. Your Mobile Advertising campaign should always have these four elements: value, relevancy, simplicity and honesty.

Each and every brand always has the same thing to say: “Buy from me!” or “Choose my services!” It is the main purpose of marketing after all. Being successful, however, takes more than just pictures and words on a screen. It compels you to dig a little deeper to find your true brand voice, company values and make it part of your message.

Adding value

Why should consumers buy from you? What is in it for them? What makes you better than your competitors? Simply telling consumers to “order now” says absolutely nothing. Put the benefits of your product in your Mobile Ad and explain to consumers how it can add value to their lives. For example: “Our chairs are very modern” versus “Our chairs are so comfortable they will never experience back pain again.”

Make it relevant

How can you add more relevance to your message? Try to anticipate the consumer’s needs. For example: if you sell diet products, a consumer might find a few dieting tips in your ad very useful. Such an ad is more relevant to the user than one that simply has a picture of the diet products on it. And it goes hand-in-hand quite nicely with the value –adding element.

Keep it simple

Remember, the mobile screen has limited space. You want to say just enough to peak the user’s interest without writing a whole essay. They can always find more info or more pictures on your website. Don’t overwhelm the viewer. It don’t ask them to click on the ad if the following message is irrelevant/ they get no value out of it.


This one is no-brainer. Create the hype you need with your Mobile Advertisement, but don’t deceive consumers. A brand’s reputation is a fragile thing, especially in the digital space. Nothing is more upsetting to a customer than clicking on an ad simply to land on spammy-looking page.



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