Which is better: Email or SMS Marketing?

Email and SMS Marketing are both very effective marketing tools. But what if you don’t have the time or resources to use both? Which one is better?

The answer is simple: SMS.


Texts are read, email not really: It is estimated that only 22% of emails sent are opened while SMS knocks it out of the park with 98%. There are many reasons for this, but the main problem people have with email is spam.

Mobile receives better click through rates: Believe it or not, mobile users are more likely to click on a link. Email produces an average click through rate of 4.2% while SMS Marketing can produce 19%.

Mobile users outnumber email users: The stats on exactly how much more mobile users there are in comparison to active email account holders differ from article to article. The latest report (from the Radicati Group) says that there are 6 billion active mobile users worldwide and only 3.6 billion email accounts.

SMS is more accessible: People go nowhere without their phone – unlike a laptop or computer. But even if they receive emails on their phone, it is still much more hassle to read an email than a text. An SMS usually takes one click to open, while an email might require you to log into your account first.

SMS is timelier: Did you know? It is estimated that 63% of customers use their phone at some point while they are out shopping. In other words, you can send a text to a customer while they are in your shop to alert them to your promotions. If you send this same message via email, there is a good chance that your customer will only see it when they arrive at home a few hours later.

SMS is simpler: Unlike email, there is no need for complicated graphics like letterheads or logos

Remember to always ask your customers what their preferred method of communication is – and give them more than one option. But if you are thinking of investing more time and money into one channel alone, SMS Marketing is always the better choice.



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