What is Mobile Advertising?

It is new, it is fresh and it is funky. Mobile Advertising can take your business into a new era. But what is it exactly?

With the number of handsets outnumbering televisions, it is no wonder that marketers are shifting their focus from traditional advertising to mobile. It is estimated that (globally) there are more mobile users than users who have access to a desktop computer laptops. Mobile users triumph by 4 to 1 (PC based internet users) and 5 to 1 (laptop and desktop PC population).

According to Wikipedia, 44% of mobile users in Japan are currently clicking on advertisements they receive on their phones. This country’s Mobile Advertising industry is said to be already worth 900 million dollars.

Facebook has also reported a growth in advertising revenue related to mobile usage. Of their 67% increase over the second quarter of 2013, mobile accounted for 62% of that growth.

Just like on the web, advertisements can take many forms. For example: mobile banners, posters, text, rich media and even interactive voice response. SMS and MMS marketing are also recognized as Mobile Advertising, as well as advertisements contained in mobile games and videos.

Depending on what the marketer wants to achieve, the ads can be made clickable or simply contain a call to action. The versatility and ability to create visual stunning designs for this medium is exactly what is drawing marketers in.

Now we all know that a marketing campaign can’t be successful if you aren’t able to measure the results. With this form of advertising you can see if you are hitting home with your customers ot not in more than one way. For example:

  • The number of views
  • The number of click-throughs
  • Click-to-call rates

How a company pays for this form of advertising will depend on the provider. It is usually sold as:

  • Cost Per Impression (number of times people viewed the ad)
  • Cost Per Click (number of times people clicked on the ad)
  • Cost Per Install (based on users installing an app on their phone)

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