Real customer loyalty is easy with an SMS Platform

Customer loyalty is a corner stone of every thriving business, however, keeping consumers coming back for more is easier said than done. Agreed? Not if you have a SMS Platform!

Mobile is an excellent tool for driving customer loyalty programmes. The secret behind being successful in this endeavour is knowing what your customers want. What works and what doesn’t work for them?

The top three rewards offered by companies are: discounts, free products and loyalty points that can be redeemed at some point. According to an article on Bizcommunity, the majority of customer votes went for discounts and savings (39%). Free products/ premiums followed closely on its heels with only 5% less votes. Loyalty points received the least of the votes – most likely because it takes too long to accumulate enough points to redeem on something worthwhile.

Okay, now that we have a better understanding of consumer preferences, how do you tie it into your SMS Platform?
You start with the biggest factor: value add.

You are in the ideal situation to customize your loyalty programme. By looking at your customers’ behaviour, you should be able to take your texting (and rewards) to a more personal level. This way you are truly adding value to the lives of your customers – something that 32% of customers say is not happening.

Also, allow your other communication channels to assist your SMS platform. It doesn’t have to be a stand-alone platform. For example: encourage your customers to check-in on Facebook at your restaurant (via their mobile) while they are having a coffee.

Three things that customers regularly complain about (and you should avoid doing on your SMS Platform):

  • Making things difficult: Whether your customers are redeeming points or receiving mobile vouchers, make the process simple and easy. Consumers don’t want to struggle – it is supposed to be a reward, not a punishment.
  • Scrolling forever through terms and conditions: keep your messages short and sweet. They can always follow a separate link to view it in more detail.
  • Spamming: even though you are doing your customers a favour, too much of a good thing can quickly turn sour.



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