How to make the most of your Mobile Advertising campaigns

Do you want to make sure you get your money’s worth from your Mobile Advertising campaigns? We can give you 4 tips to put you on the right track!

Decide what you want from your ad partner

First you should decide if you want to do your campaigns on your own or team up with an advertising partner. If this is a completely new ball game for you, it would be wise to get expert help and advice. Companies that offer advertising services don’t all operate the same way. Some might offer to do everything for you from A to Z, while others have a self-service approach that will require you to be more hands-on.

To incentivise or not?

Are you going to reward customers for interacting with your mobile advertisement or not? (In other words, offering users a reward for their participation.) This isn’t a “must”, but it will help to drive traffic. On the other hand, you might get users who interact with your ad just to get a reward, but who have no intentions of becoming a customer. If your budget is tight, this could be a very important decision.

Choose the right payment model

There are different price structures for mobile ads. You can pay per click, per impression, per install etc. Your marketing goals (and product) will determine which method is better suited for you. For example: if you offer a mobile app, you rather want to pay every time a user downloads your app instead of paying every time someone simply clicks on the app.

Don’t start your target market too small

Why? If you start too small, you might miss out on potential customers. Once have a better idea of who your potential customers are and what works for them, you can take a more specialized approach. Stick to the basic criteria like demographics, location and the mobile devices/ networks your customers use.

Mobile Advertising is a fairly new practise and you will probably have a few miss-and-hit tries before you find a recipe that works for your business. Don’t be afraid to test out different approaches until you strike gold!



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