Appeal to your customers with Airtime Vouchers

Airtime Vouchers can take the pain out of rewarding your customers. Every person owning a cell phone has to use airtime – whether by contract or pre-paid. It is hard to go wrong with such a simple incentive!

It isn’t limited to age:

You don’t have to worry that only certain age groups would be interested in such a reward. It will obviously appeal to a young crowd because they are constantly busy on their phones and, hence, are always short on airtime. But it can be equally appealing to an older target market who are limited by a strict financial budget. It is a good idea though to adjust the amount you reward according to your customers’ needs. An older market might not be interested in a small R5 voucher while younger customers might not be too worried about the value.

Your environmental conscious customers will love it:

Because Airtime Vouchers can be sent and redeemed without the use of paper material, it is much more environmentally friendly. If your business sells “green” products this reward system is a must-have – it sends a pretty clear message that you care about the planet.

New and old customers will give it the thumbs up:

You can use your vouchers to either attract new customers or to reward loyal ones. Give it away as:

  • A competition prize
  • Part of a limited marketing campaign (e.g. buy a product on a certain date and receive a reward)
  • A set reward (e.g. customers get it every year on their birthday or anniversary of their account / every customer who opens an account receives it as part of the deal.)

It is easy to redeem:

Unlike a physical prize, a customer doesn’t have to go to a post office or wait for a courier to deliver his/ her reward. Depending on the system the business is using, a customer should be able to simply dial a specific number to redeem it.

Airtime vouchers as a reward also holds many benefits for the business owner. It is cost-effective, can be tracked, employees can’t help themselves to it so easily etc.



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