7 Tips to optimize your Mobile Advertising

Are you new to Mobile Advertising or simply stuck in a rut? Don’t stress! These seven simple tips will get you your motor running no time.

Know your audience: Even though it is supposed to be your starting point, some marketers still get it wrong. Know what your customers want from you. What phones they are using? How are they using it? Remember, consumers behave differently when reading messages on their phone compared to reading viewing info on their desktop computer. Knowing this could be the difference between mobile marketing success and failure.

The less clicks, the better: Make your ad interactive. The more your customer has to click, the less inclined he will be to follow through. Something like an in-ad sign-up is a great way to counter excessive clicking.

Mobile Advertising is for now: Mobile communication is immediate and interactive. Placing an ad for an event that is happening a year from now, simply won’t make sense. Time your ad in such a way that your customers are able to take action at the appropriate time.

Location, location, location: It is important to place your ad in an appropriate location. You want your ad to be seen quickly without being disruptive to the user. People generally don’t like to pause what they are doing because of an ad!

Have a strong call to action: What do you want a consumer to do when they see your ad? Email you? Phone you? Buy a product on your website? Tell them! And give them a very good reason to take action – like a free gift or discount. (P.S don’t forget to include your contact details in the ad!)

Make it a “team” effort: Don’t rely on Mobile Advertising alone – it is only one marketing tool amongst many. For the best results, run your campaign across all your platforms. It delivers a message of consistency and credibility.

Use geotargeting: Target your audience through their geographic location. If your business isn’t available countrywide, rather focus on customers that reside in your province – you will obtain more quality leads and conversions this way.

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