6 Mobile Advertising myths debunked

As with anything in life, people will always have their own opinions on what works and what doesn’t. Some of these opinions are based on fact while others are simply untrue. Let’s debunk a few myths about Mobile Advertising!

Myth 1: A business should choose between either Mobile Advertising or desktop advertising, and the latter usually wins.
Fact: This myth doesn’t take into account that more people own mobile phones than desktop computers. Or that, in fact, a lot of people own both. If you have to choose between the two, remember it’s the needs of your target market that counts. Which device do they use most?

Myth 2: Static banner ads pack less punch than rich media ads.
Fact: Don’t confuse engagement and conversions. While rich media is more engaging, it doesn’t mean it is a more powerful customer converter.

Myth 3: Advertising on the mobile web is only about traffic
Fact: The success of your mobile campaign should rather be determined by the number of customers gained than the number of internet views you received. Don’t get too hung up on stats – quality over quantity!

Myth 4: A company doesn’t need a mobile website – a regular one will do.
Fact: Regrettably not. A website that isn’t optimised for mobile, won’t display correctly on a mobile handset. Remember: a phone’s screen is much smaller in comparison to that of a laptop or a desktop computer.

Myth 5: Consumers don’t care about Mobile Ads
Fact: Mobile ads are actually a bit more “in your face” than desktop ads – thanks to the size of the phone’s screen. Besides, if an ad appeals to a consumer, why won’t they click on it?

Myth 6: Only the big brands will benefit from Mobile Advertising
Fact: It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, your customers are on mobile.

Mobile Advertising is here to stay. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to reach more customers! Give Integrat a call or drop us a mail and we will tell you more about our mobile products and services.



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