5 uses for SMS Shortcodes

What can you do with SMS Shortcodes? Pretty much anything! Let’s take a look at five practical uses that are suitable for just about any type of business.


Who wants to fill out a competition form by hand and then drop it into a box that looks suspiciously like the handiwork of pre-schooler? It might work at an informal event, but it is definitely not suited for a professional business. Entering a competition via mobile simply makes your company look more legit.

Making donations

If you are hosting a charity event or taking donations for a worthy cause, you want to make it as easy as possible for participants to commit. SMS Shortcodes can make this an instant process. After all, you want people to commit on the spot while they are “feeling” your message – not later when they are at home and have forgotten all about it.

Getting information

Customers don’t want to jump through hoops to get the answer to a simple question. Let them text their questions using a Shortcode. This will give the consultant ample time to get a satisfying answer for the customer and then text or phone them back.  Less time wasted, more efficient customer service!

This can also work for recruiting new clients. Instead of calling them up and intruding on their privacy, you can simply text to ask if they are interested and they can reply back using your shortcode. Less money wasted!

Instant feedback

Conducting marketing surveys can be quite the chore – not only for the marketer, but the customer as well. Consumers don’t want to answer hundreds of questions and the marketer wants instant feedback. Now, a business can ask a simple “yes or no” question and get an immediate answer via SMS.

Claiming Vouchers

For a reward that is as easy to redeem as it is to give away, allow your customers to claim their mobile vouchers by simply responding to a unique SMS Shortcode. The quicker they can claim their reward, the quicker they will be in your shop to spend their incentive.



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