Start planning your Summer Bulk SMS campaigns now

Small businesses lose out to bigger companies if they wait too long to start with their seasonal campaigns. With summer slowly approaching, now is the time to begin your Bulk SMS planning.

During the warmer months, consumers spend more and more time outdoors. Think music festivals, sport events, picnics, “braai”, the beach etc. If your products and services can’t tie directly into this (e.g you don’t sell picnic blankets) team up with another business whose products do. (Buy hairspray from XYZ Salon and we might sponsor the installation of a pool at your home from ABC Pools.)

Finding the right partner to combine your efforts with, can be crucial to your success. Remember: make sure your target market will be interested in what your partner has to offer.

If a partnership isn’t your thing, you can simply buy relevant summer-time rewards to use as customer incentives.
Offering group deals is an ideal way to get mass opt-ins on your Bulk SMS contact list. After all, people don’t like to go to events alone. Offer “two for the price of one” deals or rewards for bringing friends along. Your consumers will spread the word for you and your contact list will grow quickly.

Businesses always offer special deals during summer – this isn’t news. Are you aware of what your competitors are doing? But don’t only focus on them, because you are also competing with your non-competitors for marketing space. Consumers get so bombarded by advertisements in general, that most of these messages get lost in all the noise. Thus, your mission is to make your campaigns as attractive as possible so you can leave your competitors in the dust. Luckily Bulk SMS as a medium can provide you with a targeted approach.

One thing you can do to stand out, is to take your campaigns to the outdoors – where your consumers are! Create an event or co-sponsor one – you can do all the invites for cheap via Bulk SMS. Use these crowd attractions to create brand awareness and host live mobile opt-in competitions.

Don’t delay, start your Bulk SMS Summer planning today!



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