How to use SMS Marketing for your eatery or bar

The food industry is in an excellent position for utilizing SMS Marketing. If you own a restaurant/ take-out service or bar, you can get really creative and lure customers to your establishment in a blink.

People are always looking for new and exciting places to enjoy a meal or have a drink. Eateries and bars, unlike corporate companies, rarely have a dedicated team of marketing experts to create campaigns around brand awareness and customer loyalty. And don’t forget employee communication! If your employees are on top of their schedules, it can help clear out misunderstandings about shifts and discourage absenteeism.

Thus the question is: what can you do to get this buzz going? Well, the most successful and inexpensive method available to you, is without a doubt SMS Marketing.


  • You can text customers your specials for the day. Just keep the timing in mind – you don’t want to send out your material too early or too late. There is currently a debate going on about the best time to send out a special, so experiment and see what works best for YOUR customers. If your customers are budget conscious, you might not get the best reaction by sending out a dinner special in the late afternoon (of the same day) – these customers might prefer a few days notice. Other customers might see it as the answer to what’s for dinner and jump immediately at the chance.
  • Invite customers to make their reservations via SMS and remind them about their reservations
  • Sent reminders to the wait staff on duty about when their shift starts


  • Use SMS Marketing to run exciting specials and give out mobile coupons/ vouchers. For example: Show this message to the bar tender and get a free beer. Or: Get a free drink for every friend you bring along.
  • Make it exclusive: “tonight only” specials.
  • Invite them to watch the big game at your bar

The benefits?

  • You will show that your establishment is eco friendly
  • Customers will forward these messages to their friends and you will reach more people
  • Add a more personal touch to your marketing
  • Build deeper relationships with customers



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