How the automobile industry can use SMS Marketing

If you are in the automobile industry (selling, trading, repairing) you should get behind the wheel of SMS Marketing and take it for a spin. We will tell you why.

Direct Marketing

Why would I want to use mobile messages to market my products or services? Because:

  • It is highly affordable: buying SMS in bulk will save you even more!
  • More targeted than email messages: it is virtually guaranteed that your message will be opened within a few seconds after receipt.
  • Can be adapted in the blink of an eye to achieve different outcomes: use it for small or big campaigns

You can use SMS Marketing to:

  • Inform your customers about specials on vehicle parts or servicing
  • Remind your customers to have their vehicles checked before each school holiday
  • Ask customers to text the details of their vehicles so you can do a quick check of the vehicle’s book value, then text the answer back with an invite to do a trade-in.
  • Create excitement and action by offering exclusive deals and discounts every time you have to get rid of old stock.

With SMS Marketing, you don’t have to spend much to generate revenue. Use it in conjunction with other marketing channels to give your marketing efforts a powerful boost.

Customer Service

  • Use text messages to:
  • Remind customers of appointments
  • Inform them that their vehicle is ready for pick-up
  • Remind them when their vehicle’s service is due
  • Inform them when parts arrived
  • Wish them a happy birthday and happy holidays
  • Congratulate them on their purchase
  • Congratulate them on the anniversary of their purchase
  • Share tips on how to care for or maintain their vehicle
  • Interesting news about the automobile industry e.g. newest car models

By using this channel not just for marketing purposes, you are showing that you are willing to go the extra mile to make your customers happy. Keep your SMS Marketing messages personal and relevant. This will create a positive brand image and help to retain the loyalty of your customers.

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