Fun facts about SMS as a platform

The SMS Platform has come a long way since the first ever message was sent in 1992. Today, more than half of the world own or has access to a mobile phone and people are sending still sending text messages like crazy.

Finland was the first nation to use texting on a competitive as well as commercial basis.

Terminology for mobile messaging differs from country to country. North America, the UK, Australia and the Philippines prefer the word “text” while Europe, Africa and Asia are more likely to use the term “SMS”.

2.4 billion out of 3.3 billion mobile subscribers make use of texting.

In June 2006, 12 billion text messages were sent each month. Just two years later, this number climbed to a staggering 75 billion!

In the Philippines, people really love their SMS Platform. The average user sends 10 – 12 text a day; this amounts to approximately 142 billion text messages sent over the course of a year. In the USA (2009) users topped the stats with 152.7 billion texts per month (not per year!)

Despite the fact that there are many other communication channels available, even Smartphone users still love sending SMS messages. Owners aged by 18 to 24, send about 2022 texts.

Now here is a statistic that will really blow your mind – and proves that texting is still the undisputed king of cheap and easy communication. In 2012, the amount of texts sent were recorded at 8.5 trillion. It is estimated that within the next five years, this number will total 40 trillion.

The longer something is around, the more skilful you become when using it. 42% of U.S teens claim they can text while blindfolded.

When it comes to the use of emoticons in texting, women are twice as likely to use it as men. Men, however, make use of a wider variety of emoticons.

Texting while driving is a dangerous activity – it can distract a user for 4.6 seconds. This is a worrying fact considering that 47% of 35% of teenagers admit to texting while driving.

Cleary, SMS as a Platform isn’t going anywhere. Why not join in the fun?



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