5 Reasons why you shouldn’t share ownership of SMS Short Codes

When purchasing a SMS Short Code, you usually have a choice between a dedicated and a shared code. Rather opt for a dedicated one that is exclusive to your business. Here is why.

Brand recognition

If you use the same code for all your marketing campaigns, people will start to associate the code with your brand. Association also makes it easier to remember. Should another company make use of the same code, they can leech off your exposure or even damage your brand.


If the code is yours alone, you have full control over what you do with it or what you use it for. You can also keep an eye on your activities to make sure you stick to the consumer Code of Conduct. You won’t have to worry that another company will use it for “evil” – resulting in the code getting shut down.

Keyword exclusivity

Having sole use of an SMS Short Code also means you have ownership of all the keywords you use along with it. Why is this beneficial? Because it enables you to use general keywords like “special”, “promo”, “prize” etc. Instead of something like “Alex Cafe special”. Shorter keywords = easier to remember.

The data is yours

You will have full control and ownership of the data and personal info that your customers send to you. You also shouldn’t have any problems to look up the conversation history. It might prove more difficult to obtain this info if the database doesn’t belong to you alone.

Better security

Dedicated SMS Short Codes are a must if your industry is security sensitive e.g. finances and healthcare. Because you have more control and sole ownership of the code, it is much easier to protect the cell phone numbers and personal info that your clients share with you via mobile. This also means that higher quality info can be shared for consumer research purposes.

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