4 Excellent reasons to sign up with a Mobile WASP

A Mobile WASP can offer you various mobile products and services for your business’s mobile communication. Why should you care to sign up with one? We can give you four excellent reasons!

Mobile is the best thing since sliced bread

Don’t take our word for it. Approximately more than 80% of all Africans own a cell phone. According to Yonder Media, there are about 20 million mobile phone users in South Africa with devices capable of accessing the internet. (The total mobile phone population is estimated at 33 million unique users.) The percentages of mobile penetration in our country is by far the highest in sub-Saharan Africa and compare very favourably with most other middle-income countries.

Brands are jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon

Sure, not every single company out there are making use of cell phone marketing, but more and more brands are signing up with Mobile WASPS. Why? They are realizing that it adds value to their campaigns. They are hungry to communicate with their clients in a way that is effective, cheap and simple. Brands have even started to advertise on mobile channels like Mixit. According to the channel itself, their number of advertisers have doubled in last year alone; clearly this method is delivering positive results!

Mobile provides various marketing opportunities

Thanks to the Mobile WASPS, there are many mobile channels to choose from, and a variety of uses for every channel. From direct marketing and brand awareness to client relations and collecting payments, a business can make use of USSD, Premium SMS, Bulk SMS, Direct Operator Billing, mobile applications, mobile vouchers, automated voice messaging, location based services etc.

The content you share can be as plain as text or as complex as videos. It is completely up to you how you use your mobile channels and what you use it for!

The industry has only one way to go

And that is forward. As new mobile channels, products and services constantly spring up, so will new and exciting opportunities for brands.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Integrat right now and become part of the success of the mobile industry.



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