Use Bulk SMS to play ball

The Soccer World Cup is currently all the rage, but other competitive sports are taking place all year round. Use Bulk SMS to launch a playful campaign that will get you noticed.

Choose a sport that is busy with live matches – for example the Soccer or Rugby World Cup.

You want constant interaction with your customers throughout your Bulk SMS campaign. The simplest way to do it, is to base your competition on something that you can ask your subscribers before every game. For example: ask them to predict the score of the match, which player they think will score the most points for their team etc.

If you aren’t sure if your customers are interested in a particular sport – ask them. Wholesale SMS is cheap – you don’t have to be stingy with your communication. So, send out a poll or give them the opportunity to vote for their preferred sport.

Then, a few weeks before the season starts, alert your customers to the competition you are planning to run. Give them a brief breakdown of how it will work and what they could win.

Post this to your social media channels. You can also create a small advert for your traditional mediums so you can reach yet-to-be customers as well.

You can use SMS shortcodes in your competition to make your life a little easier. For instance, if there is a winner for every single match instead of an overall one, you can assign a different code to every match.

While the matches are going on, you can further entertain your customers by sending them titbits of info via Bulk SMS. Keep it short and simple. Mix it up between fun facts about the sport/ teams and info about your company. Work creative spin-offs into your material that can form a connection between the sport and your company. For example: “Our beer prices is more consistent than the referee.” Or: “Our pizza delivery is faster than… (player’s name).”

Who says Bulk SMS campaigns should be boring! Make your mobile marketing fun for your customers – they will stick around longer if you do!



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