Number Scrubbing: a cousin of Mobile Compliance

What on earth does Number Scrubbing have to do with Mobile Compliance? Well, if you think about it carefully, it actually makes complete sense. This is why.

Mobile Compliance, in a peanut shell, refers to the requirements that a provider has to adhere to in accordance with the law – especially those regulations that have to do with consumer rights. For instance, mobile providers are not allowed to target children or send messages to a consumer’s phone after the consumer chose the “opt out” option. The point of these regulations are to protect consumers. If you are concerned that such compliance rules will keep you from running your marketing campaigns to the fullest, just remember, such regulations benefit you as a business as well because it will keep you from becoming annoying and losing customers.

Number Scrubbing is the act of getting rid of phone numbers on your contact list that have become irrelevant to you. It could be because the numbers are outdated (don’t exist anymore), duplicated during your data capturing process, or belong to customers who have opted out of your mobile marketing.

See where I am going with this?

That is why you can regard number washing/ HLR lookup as part of your commitment to stay within in the bounds of Mobile Compliance.

As you can deduce, it is very easy to make mistakes when compiling your customer contact list.

Doing it old school (manually) is not always the best idea. For example: Sending the same marketing material twice or to customers who don’t want to be contacted via text, will only serve to make you very unpopular.

Luckily, there are VAS Aggregators like Integrat who have mobile products that can make your life much easier in this regard. There is no need for you to sweat and ponder over your contact list and try to figure out who belongs and who doesn’t.

Not only do we offer HLR lookup as a mobile product, but we also offer Mobile Compliance as one of our services. Signing up with us, in other words, is like catching two birds with one swoop.



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