Location Based Marketing trends to keep an eye on

Consumers are showing more and more interest in smartphones, tablets and mobile marketing as a whole. This is good news for businesses making use of LBS (location based service) marketing. What trends are starting to emerge in the industry?

People love, love, love video

There’s no denying the fact that human beings are lazy by nature. That is why the aim of mobile development is just that – to make life easier for us. Consumers have become increasingly reluctant to read long pieces of text and are shifting their favour towards graphics and video.

Did you know that the mobile users are taking over Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram?

If you can combine your Location Based Marketing on social media channel with high quality images and video material, you will have an instant recipe or success!

Location is part of everything we do – and beyond

The traditional “word of mouth” marketing (one of the most powerful forms of marketing there is) has not disappeared. It only shifted from telling your friend about a wonderful restaurant (face to face) to regularly checking in or rewriting reviews/ comments on social media.

Once again, being curious about what your friends do in their daily lives, is also one of those “human things” we do. People want to know what their loved ones are up to and they value the opinions of those close to them.

If your friend is announcing his visit to a particular restaurant every week, it is no secret that he enjoys the experience. No words needed! Next time you want to try a new place, you will definitely consider this hot spot.
And that is every marketer’s dream – having brand ambassadors that are promoting your business for free.

“Existing” is the key to marketing

Location Based marketing literally puts companies on the map. Giving away freebies or having clever promotions in-store means nothing if you can’t be found. And with the dramatic increase in mobile use, your customers won’t be looking for you in the yellow pages or even a newspaper. Be there, or be (four)square.



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