Is your SMS Gateway provider the real deal?

Choosing a SMS Gateway provider is no easy task. Knowing if the one you are currently with is the real deal, is an equally good question. How can you find out?

Look for the WASPA affiliation

WASPA is a body that keeps an eye on mobile aggregators to make sure they play by the rules. If the aggregator is a member of WASPA, you can be sure they will go out of their way to comply with standards of fairness, advertising rules etc. and they will help you to do the same on your side. This should be the very first thing you look at when choosing your SMS Gateway provider.

Put them to the test

It is easy for any business to make promises to clients regarding quality products or speedy service delivery. But can they fulfil these promises?

Some things, unfortunately, you can only determine when your deal with the provider is up and running. But there are a few basic things you can test beforehand so you can at least have an idea of what you are getting yourself into.

How they respond: it doesn’t matter if you are experiencing a crisis or have a simple question, you want to receive attention as soon as possible. And you want to get in contact with your SMS Gateway provider in more than one way. Put their communication channels to the test and see how they respond.

Have a look at their social media channels (most companies have a Facebook and Twitter account) and take a look at their response to customer complaints. For example do they respond timely, graciously and in a manner that is helpful?

If they are “for real”: now if you don’t know much about the mobile products and services offered by providers, you can’t really know for sure that they are indeed experts in their respective field. The best you can do, is to conduct research and then fire away at them with all your questions. If they seem to fumble around for answers, they might not be the ideal SMS Gateway provider for you.



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