Is IVR right for my small business?

Think Interactive Voice Response systems are only for big companies? No way! The small business owner can benefit just as much from using inbound and outbound IVR.

You don’t have to receive thousands of calls each month to consider using an automated telephony system. Neither do you have to be a corporate giant with hundreds of telesales agents.

A great number of small companies are turning towards IVR systems these days, because not only is good customer service their top priority, but they have to keep up with their competitors. Today’s consumer want things done on the spot. And if you don’t deliver fast enough, they will simply move on to a company that will. An IVR system can record calls when you aren’t available (for example after office hours), so instead of customers not having their calls answered, the machine can record and store it until someone can attend to it first thing in the morning.

You are probably not planning on staying a small fry forever, so why not get your systems in place now so it can help your business to grow! After all, a telephony system can help you to appear professional and make a good impression on callers.

These systems are also capable of recording incoming calls. What does this mean for you? It is always good to have a record of conversations between employees and clients should complaints arise from the interaction – or to have a record of what a client is actually complaining about. From a legal standpoint, you can’t go wrong with it.

Another benefit of having calls on record, is for the purpose of analysing consumer behaviour/ target market research. In fact, you can use Interactive Voice Response systems to do real-time surveys. This can only aid you in bettering your products and services.

What features should your system have?

  • A welcome message containing essential information about your business
  • Clear menu options to choose from (button push or voice activated)
  • Call recording function (inbound and outbound calls)
  • Be on duty 24/7

Integrat offers IVR as one of our mobile products. Get in contact and we will gladly tell you more!



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